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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you use a high tech razor or a cheap disposable one for shaving?

At the store, they sell a lot of cheap razors, 10 to a bag for about $1 per razor, or they'll sell these high-tech razors that are $4-5 a pop. The more expensive ones may have 3 blades, and lubricants.

I can see how the extra blade may help, but the lubricants seem redundant if you're using cream. So the question is is it worth buying a high-tech razor? And if so, can you recommend one?

Best Answer...


Trust me sweetie it's worth buying the more expensive razor. You need to buy the new Gillette Fusion Razor. It's expensive, but it's so worth using it. I'm not a man, but I started buying my boyfriend Gillette Razors 5 years ago, and now that's all he will use. He used to buy those cheap razors that cost a $1.00, and his face would not have a good shave to it, not to mention the cuts he would get. When I bought him his first Gillette shaver there was a huge difference in the way his skin looked on his face, and he got a better shave. Just remember you get what you pay for. If your using a $1.00 shaver then your going to get a $1.00 shave.