Tortoise Hair

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Frequently Asked Questions...

My 7 month old Grey & White Tabby cat is changing color, any idea why?

Our kitten (7 months) is a gray and white striped tabby cat with a solid black nose. She has a cool tone to her coloring. In the last 2 months her coloring has started to change. She now has brown areas more like our tortoise hair tabby and her nose is turning pink! When we got her, she has no warm tones to her fur, gray, white and black - but now her gray is getting warm brown tones to it. Any ideas??

Best Answer...


My lynx point siamese mix also went through a color change...she got a lot darker. I think this is very common....they are just growing out of their baby fur. Sort of like how baby cougars are born with spots...but their color changes when they get older.