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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why is the hot tap in my bedroom sink doing this, and is it actually dangerous?

I live in a halls of residence and I've noticed that something odd happens when I turn on the hot tap in the sink in my room.

If the pressure is low enough, the water comes out clear at first, then goes cloudy and milky and little sandy/gritty particles - which seems to be the cause of the water going this colour - come out too.
It's not too dissimilar to how water looks if you put traditional shaving foam and/or soap in the water, I suppose.
If you run it full blast, then it seems to turn cloudy/milky much quicker.

The water from the cold tap runs absolutely clear - although it smells strongly of chlorine - whatever the pressure.


I NEVER drink from it, but use it when washing my face/brushing my teeth, as well as general rinsing purposes.

Obviously if it IS a problem, I'll report it... but I just wanted to make absolutely sure elsewhere first

Best Answer...


sounds like there might be a calcium or "Scale" build up in the Hot water tanks or lines.

I would report it. this actually decreases the efficiency of the heater and can cause not only blockages but leaks as well.

Plus the will be able to see if it's just yours or others in the residence.

Call maintenance and have them come and look at your water.