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Vintage Faux-Resonator Guitar, 1930's..!!!

Frequently Asked Questions...

how can i wash my faux fur coat?

i have a vintage faux fur coat (modacrylic with polyester lining) which stinks of smoke/general oldness! it says specialist clean only by a furrier (even though it's fake) or dry clean but that's gonna cost ££££! anyone know any other methods that won't wreck the fur?

Best Answer...


Inspect all the seams first. An unraveled seam in the wash on an vintage/antique item is a bad thing.

Stuff it in a pillow case and secure...Wash in COLD water on Gentle.. This will reduce the amount of tangling or matting from it rubbing against itself or on the washer parts. To even the load wash it with a pillow.

Use Woolite or mild dish detergent like Ivory and a cup of white vinegar. Agitate for one minute and let soak for a good 20 minutes. Then continue washing. Older items need a good soak that will aid in the detergents solubility and allow the detergent and vinegar to penetrate the fibers

Use double the fabric softener in the rinse. This will soften the fur. Put the liquid softener in AFTER the machine fills for the final rinse. You can also let it soak in the fabric softener.

Lay flat to dry. Turn it often. Best to dry it on a window screen outdoors but not in direct sunlight.

Comb gently with a metal dog brush. Don't hack at it you are looking to untangle the outer furs.