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Wooden Removable

Ankie, The Wooden Removable Head Guy


'Chameleon Guitar' blends old-world and high-tech (MIT)

Natural wood, with its unique grain patterns, is what gives traditional
acoustic instruments warm and distinctive sounds, while the power of modern
electronic processing provides an unlimited degree of control to manipulate
the characteristics of an instrument's sound. Now, a guitar built by a student
at MIT's Media Lab promises to provide the best of both worlds.

The Chameleon Guitar — so named for its ability to mimic different instruments
— is an electric guitar whose body has a separate central section that is
removable. This inserted section, the soundboard, can be switched with one
made of a different kind of wood, or with a different structural support
system, or with one made of a different material altogether. Then, the sound
generated by the electronic pickups on that board can be manipulated by a
computer to produce the effect of a different size or shape of the resonating

Its creator, Media Lab master's student Amit Zoran, explains that each piece
of wood is unique and will behave in a different way when it is part of an
instrument and begins to vibrate in response to the strings attached to it.
Computers can't model all the ...