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Reaping The Benefits Of Networking

We've all heard lots of talk about networking and how important it is, especially in the business world. There are several reasons some people do not feel that networking comes naturally to them. For some people, it feels fake. Talking to people with the motivation of self advancement seems somewhat questionable, if not immoral. For some people, the idea of interacting with other people and having some sort of goal regarding the end result seems draining. If you are not naturally an extrovert, networking can seem at best tiring and at worst terrifying. Here are a few situations in which it could be beneficial, and how best to handle them.

The Story of Betsy

As a single mother, raising a son and daughter alone for the past five years, Betsy doesn't get to spend as much time with her children as she would like. Her managerial position at a grocery store pays well, but the hours are terrible and she is at the mercy of a retail schedule. Betsy dreams of putting her love of vintage jewelry to work some day. She wants to own her own business, selling fine costume jewelry wholesale. Betsy would truly benefit from the invaluable advice of other women who have made the transition into business for themselves. Their expertise could guide Betsy as she figures out how to make this dream a reality.

Carson's Story

Carson is 21 years old. He is just about to graduate from college. As a graduation gift, his grandfather plans to give him a large sum of money. Carson knows that he does not want to squander that money like the Biblical prodigal son. He wants to invest the money. However, given the precarious nature of the stock market and all of the investment scandals he's read about, Carson is wary. He doesn't want to jump into anything blindly. He has been combing the business section of his local bookstore for investing books, but is that enough? Probably not. Carson needs to speak with experienced investors, and a stock broker or two if he can find the. He should ask his grandfather and any of his grandfather's business savvy friends for advice.

The Story of Dennis

At 64 years old, Dennis is looking back with pride on the past twenty years, in which he has owned and managed his own motorcycle repair business. While he is not ready to step down yet, Dennis does have his eye on the future. He plans to retire within ten years, and wants his oldest son Trevor to take over the business. Dennis needs to develop a strategy for business succession planning. He need to speak with other family business owners who have transferred their business from one family member to another. A smooth transition will be best for Dennis, Trevor, and the repair shop.

In all of these situations, networking is a very valuable and important technique. It is a skill worth developing, even if you don't naturally excel at it. It becomes much easier when you approach it as a chance to get to know people. You can learn a lot from simply taking genuine interest in their experiences.

Jewels Vintage Beginners Guide To Costume Jewelry Part 1

Vintage Jewelry Guide

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