Australian Crystals

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Oceanfront & Golf Course-front Luxury House Now for Sale

Hawthorn, Australia - 20th day of February, 2007 --This is a rare opportunity to acquire prime real estate close to a major capital city CBD, yet still possessing all the beautiful ingredients of nature. It is oceanfront, beachfront and golf course front. You can walk to the quiet beach in 2 min., or have a stroll along the scenic coastal path, or enjoy a swing or two on any one of the four well known coastal golf courses next door. With a perfect north eastern aspect, you wake up to spectacular sunrise over the ocean every morning. You also enjoy the equally spectacular sunset scene at dusk because you get 180 degree, uninterrupted panoramic view from east to west in front of the property. Instead of your view blocked by other houses, as in most suburban situations, you look to miles of rolling green of coastal golf courses. It is a perfect place to be in touch and in sync with nature and to unwind after a busy workday.

All these for only a 20-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD. You are also only 10 minute away from the Sydney Airport (yet no aircraft noise). It is ideal when you want to relax quickly after flying half the globe from New York or London. When you need to attend important business meetings, you are only 5 min. away from freeway which gives access to the north, south and west of Sydney and beyond, bypassing all the traffic.

For investors, this property presents an unprecedented investment opportunity with strong capital growth. The project is in a perfect location, with perfect orientation, with spectacular ocean view. The quality of the view is superior because it is composed of vast open sky and ocean vista, calm and soothing bay view, fresh and peaceful golf course surround, as well as the ever-changing dawn and dusk.

It is common knowledge that the price of Sydney properties on average had been doubling every 7 to 9 years. The last peak was in 2003. Waterfront real estates actually do not follow this "rule" because their rate of growth in value has been much faster, as much as 3 times.

With simple economics of supply and demand, one can easily conclude that the project will yield very strong capital growth in the future. On the supply side, comparable supply is very limited and is almost none. On the demand side, the demand is very strong not just from the local or the Australian market, but also from the global market. Foreign investors buying the property now before it is built will be able to sell to a global market, capturing an opportunity of even stronger capital return.For more information about this property, visit its page through

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Australian Crystals

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Difference in birthstones?

I'm trying to buy a ring with 2 birthstones in it. There are so many types of gemstones though. What is the difference between Australian crystal, genuine crystal, genuine gemstone, simulated gemstone, and lab-created gemstone?

Best Answer...


Australian crystal - do you mean Austrian crystal? If so, this is a lead-glass crystal that is manufactured in Austria, the home of Swarovski crystal which is accepted as the best glass crystal.

Genuine crystal could refer to a glass crystal or it could refer to rock crystal quartz which is colourless quartz and is natural.

Genuine gemstone - the gemstone is natural (made by mother nature!), found in the ground and cut into shape. It may or may not have been treated before or after cutting. Treatments such as heating and irradiation is accepted as normal for many gems and is often not disclosed. Other treatments should be disclosed eg. if if has been dyed, stabilised (a resin inserted into the stone to strengthen a soft stone) etc.

Simulated gemstone - this gem just looks like the natural gemstone. So if it is "simulated amethyst" then it could be any stone, even glass that is purple and so looks like amethyst.

Lab-created gemstone - this is a manmade gem that is chemically identical to the natural stone. The chemicals have been mixed (a bit like a chemistry set!) and then forced into an accelerated growth situation (the natural one takes thousands or even millions of years) and forms either a crystal or a 'boule'. This even gives the lab-created stone a crystal structure when examined under a microscope. This is then cut into stones to use in jewellery. Initial testing may confuse all but professionals although the clarity and colour is often too good for the price which may set off alarm bells. Many people buy lab-created stones as they want a good colour emerald (for example) yet can't afford the price of a natural emerald in a similar colour. Lab-created stones are also referred to as "synthetic" gems.