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Snowflake Jewelry Shopping Tips

If walking in a winter wonderland adds a sparkle to your eye, or the remembrance of a special day on the slopes brings a smile to your face, or maybe the first snowflakes of the season make someone feel like a kid again, the perfect gift idea is right in front of you- Snowflake jewelry. Snowflake earrings, pins and pendants come in a wide variety of styles. There is surely one that's just the right piece for you, and more importantly, for your special someone.

What is it about a snowflake that makes it such a perfect jewelry accent? Is it the thinly detailed lines and spokes that make the gold sparkle just like a snowflake? Is it the tiny diamonds that glisten just like the new fallen snow? Is it the fact that each snowflake is different from any other, each as unique as the recipient to your gift? Maybe it's a little of this and a little of that, or a combination of all of the above.

First things first: you need to set yourself a reasonable budget that you can stay within. Don't even tempt yourself by peaking at potentials with a higher price point than you can afford. The recipient of your gift will be thrilled with such an innovative twist on a timeless classic and will understand if you can't afford the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store. Stunning, unique pieces are available in just about every price, from under $40 to over $4,000. And remember that there's no rule about 2 months salary to buy snowflake jewelry!

Secondly, you should decide what sort of snowflake jewelry you wish to invest in. Pendants are very popular, especially those with genuine diamond accents. You may want to add a tiny splash of color, perhaps with blue, green, or champagne colored diamonds to contrast with the white. Yellow gold and white gold are the precious metals of choice for the majority of such pendants, maybe with a few extra details of diamond cut lines to add even more sparkle to an already radiant pendant.

And don't forget about earrings! Dangles and studs are always popular, especially when they're in the shapes of snowflakes, include diamonds, and come from someone special. The same basic types of styles are available in earring form as are in pendants; they're just a bit smaller. Ultra-thin white gold or yellow gold bars crisscross, intersect and stem from their neighbors to create a luminous dangle to hang elegantly from a pierced ear.

Of course, if you're unsure that any of these are the ideal token, rings and pins also make a fabulous gift for the right recipient; you just need to know the best place to buy them.Liz Harrison recommendshttp://www.heavenlytreasures.com/snowflake-jewelry.htmlif you're shopping for Snowflake Jewelry.

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Earring Making Kits

Jewelry-Making Kit with Tools and Accessories by Cousin Corp

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