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Nokia 8800 : Glamour has a new name

TheNokia 8800Sirocco Edition targets individuals who sport handsets that accentuate style and glamour and are designer artifacts in their own right. The design aesthetics of the phone draws its inspiration from modern watchmaking and jewelery techniques and is sure to entice connoisseurs of quality and taste.

The design highlights of theNokia 8800are its stainless steel cover and the unique pop up slider mechanism. The slider uses a spring mechanism with stainless steel ball bearings that makes the phone glide gracefully. The abrasion resistant protective glass is tempered with sapphire, similar to the one used in clock industry. Finesse and artistry is also seen in the signature thumb rest and the undulating keypad.

Besides its fashionable profile, theNokia 8800also boasts of an equally impressive feature set that include Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and GSM for voice and data connectivity. The multimedia features of the phone are also of a very high quality. The 2 megapixel camera can capture images of a very high quality and the same applies for the audio quality produced by the music player. The graphics and visual performance are enhanced by the integration of a 3D image engine which makes playing games a pleasurable experience.

The Nokia 8800 is positioned to cater to a niche clientèle who crave for a phone that is more of a fashion accessory but also heavy on technology. Speaking on the branding strategy, the director of the design team at Nokia, Alistair Curtis says " TheNokia 8800is as much an object of art and desire, as it is an advanced piece of technology ... crafted of modern materials like stainless steel and mineral glass, the Nokia 8800 brings a new elegance to the art of personal communication". (

This designer handset indeed complements a fashionable lifestlye.Ben Bradley is webmaster of
Mobile Phone Deals.
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How can I set up a 1on1 jewelery making site?

I am a master creftsman inthe fine art of precious metal crafting ;PLATINUM,GOLD AND SILVER;as well as setting precious and semi precious stones in theese metals! Buying tools and materials and setting up a working and cost efective shop and contacting suppliers is also availible .I have 30 yrs exp and I am in the prossess of starting my first wholesale shop with another master ; but I want to diversify, as well as train people to do the work in our shop. Training for our people is free but for others who want to advance;from beginnerto advance I am available. I guess it will have to include a web cam and mikes for real time answers to specfic teqniques,torch.fab ,casting and setting,but it must be like I said 1on1.J.C

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This is a harder question than it appears, as I do not know the equipment you already have. There is a company in Rapid City, SD which makes Black Hills Gold Jewelry. The company, Lundstrom's (I believe that is spelled correctly), uses handicapped people to fabricate their jewelry. This is great as it gives them a job and at the same time teaches them a skill. However, this is one-on-one in the same location.

A few years ago, I was involved in a remote education program. Helping to build he program itself. I think with what you are saying, this is something you may need to purchase if you wish to do this across the Internet. Another solution would be for you to hook up with a University who would offer the course in Jewelry Making over the Internet. Many Universities will offer courses like this if they feel they can get enough people to register. Once you get the hang of the computer programs, you can always go out on your own.

I hope this helps.