Jewlery Boxes

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Keep your jewlery safe

The best place to hide something is right in front of someone's eyes.
When you have jewelry that should be kept in a safe place, but you
don't want to spend money on those ugly traditional safes, what can
you do to protect her jewelry? A hidden compartment safe might be a
good solution.

Hidden compartment safes look like real items around the house, but
they have enough space in them to keep your jewelry and other
personal items. For example, they look like cleaning products or soda
cans or books or even electrical outlets.

When shopping around for hidden compartment safes you want to
make sure that you buy a safe that looks like a real product you might
use. For example, soda cans that are weighted to feel full are more
likely to be ignored by an intruder than the ones that are empty and
have distinctive rattle of jewelry! If you have one that tends to rattle,
pack your jewelry with tissue paper to keep it from rattling around.

Another tactic to keep your jewelry safe is to make sure the hidden
compartment safe you are using is a real brand: poorly designed
hidden compartment safes use brands that no one has ever heard of,
while well designed ones use common products that might be found in
nearly every home.

Why are hidden compartment safes so effective? Consider this: an
intruder skulking through your dark empty house and doesn't know
what time the homeowners are coming back, is more likely to look
through the obvious spots rather than open every book in the
bookshelf, shake every pop can in the fridge, or look at every cleaning
product under the sink. And they will definitely not pry open every
electrical outlet in the house!

This activity is a huge time waster for them, since the likelihood of them
finding a hidden compartment safe among several cans of soda is quite
rare. That's what is so great about hidden compartment safes to hide
your jewelry. They use such common items that no thief will spend the
time searching the house so thoroughly!

Next time you're thinking about leaving your house, take a look
around. You've worked hard for your jewelry. Protect those beautiful
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Jewlery Boxes

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Jewlery boxes? To hang necklaces on? 10 points best answer!?

I don't really know what they are called but I seen some where they are shaped as like a body or something and they have these hooks to hang your necklaces on. Does anyone know where I can get one or what they are called? Thanks!

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These are super kewll!