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Wedding Headpiece For The Tall and Small Bride - Lace Veil - Tiara or Pearl Hair Gem

What wedding headpiece should I pick to compliment my bridal gown, or what wedding headpiece should I choose that will suit my hairstyle - are two of the most common questions that a bride asks for advice on. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and fears the wrong choice will spoil the look of the whole wedding attire.

Mistakes in getting it wrong need not happen and can be avoided with careful planning. This is a time where nearly every future bride will have her head in the clouds so as to speak e.g. excited, worried or even contemplating calling off the marriage due to her inability to concentrate on making a decision on what wedding headpiece to wear.

In today's society wedding headpieces run the scope from the traditional veil to the simple wedding skullcap, headband or glittering jewelled tiara. Choosing the ideal head wear will depend on the style and design of your wedding dress. When trying on headpieces in a bridal salon make sure you have the wedding dress on and try to have your hair styled in the way you intend on wearing it - when you walk down the church aisle to stand alongside the bridegroom. The traditional veil can vary in length. It is best to have a friend or close member of the family with you when choosing so they can give advice on what wedding headpiece is best suited to you and your wedding dress. As the saying goes "two heads are better than one" when making decisions, but it is the brides head we are more concerned about at this time. While many brides choose not to wear a wedding veil, remember this is the only time in your life when you may ever get to wear one.

Some women look upon their wedding day as a fairytale chapter taken from a book where the bride gets to dress up like a princess, this is why the tiara is popular. What wedding headpiece aside from the tiara will make this chapter in your life look like that of a princess? Tiaras come in many designs embedded with crystals, coloured rhinestones, pearls, and other glitter gems that sparkle.

Once again depending on the colour of your bridal dress, design and material i.e. satin, lace or velvet - hair gems are another option. Hair gems are glittery pieces of head ornation glamour - fastened by a pin to sit neatly into or on top of your hair. Head decorations as such also come made of rhinestones, crystals, or semi-precious stones, if money is no object then remember diamonds are a girl's best friend before and after her wedding. If you have paid for an expensive hairpiece gem then after the ceremony when the happy couple were pronounced husband and wife - go along to a jeweller and have him or her make the hair jewel into a ring or a pendant on a gold chain to match your wedding gold band.

Options are endless in what wedding headpiece may be best for you. You have headbands - thick or thin or combs which are usually worn to one side of the head. These can be personally decorated by you i.e. adding fresh flowers, pearls, crystals, ribbons, or even sequins to match either the flowers in your bridal bouquet or your ivory brocade wedding shoes. Hair combs can also be worn at the back of the head or close to the nape. You could consider a wreath circlet. At the end of the day whatever wedding headpiece that is to be worn will all be down to personal taste

If tradition prevails and you choose to wear a flattering veil then simplify the removal of it by making it detachable to a comb or wedding tiara so that you can place it to aside after the marriage vows have been taken. The veil is nearly always removed at the reception.

A little tip - the taller woman (bride) should wear a longer veil. A floor length veil worn by a blushing petite betrothed is not a good idea. What does the (petite and tall) bride have in common on their wedding day? No matter their size they both drink champagne from a very TALL glass. (Toast)Beautiful Brides
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Velvet Ring Boxes

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